Floyd Mayweather Sues Ex-Girlfriend for Alleged Cash Grab

Floyd Mayweather is suing his ex-girlfriend Shantel Jackson for using his credit cards without his knowledge and taking cash from his home.

According to court documents, Mayweather is accusing Jackson of going on shopping sprees with his money and having it all mailed to to an undisclosed location.

Mayweather also alleges that Jackson would shower him with praise in public whenever he got bad press simply to gain his trust.

"As a result of that confidence, Mayweather, whose education ended at eighth grade, did not audit or otherwise inspect either his cash or his credit card statements for theft by Jackson," the undefeated boxing champion's lawyer wrote in the legal documents obtained by TMZ.

Representatives reached out to TMZ to clarify Mayweather's lawyer was actually mistakened about him leaving school in the eighth grade, adding he left school in the 12th grade.

Essentially what the defense seems to boil down to is that Mayweather wasn't fiscally educated enough to know that he should have been looking closer at his credit card bills and purchase receipts.

Additionally, the suit alleges that Mayweather only found out about Jackson's financial exploits after a mutual friend revealed to him that she had been bragging to others about it.


Mayweather is suing Jackson for theft, with no specific amount listed, and Shantel is in turn still suing him for several reasons, including "domestic abuse" and "invasion of privacy."