Florida Mom Caught Making Bomb Inside Walmart in Wild Arrest Video

A woman in Florida was caught making a bomb inside a Walmart while using items she found while shopping. According to Too Fab, 37-year-old Emily Stallard was arrested on Jan. 11 by off-duty Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation officer Reece Alvis. As Alvis's bodycam showed, which you can watch here, Stallard was carrying a mason jar filled with kerosene and nails, while soaking a shoelace inside to act as a fuse.

Stallard's young son was present during the bomb-making and subsequent arrest. After Alvis asked her to step out of the store, she refused before threatening to kill him.

"Well you better call a bunch of other people to bring me out," she said in the clip. "Because I just want a bunch of other people here... maybe the news agencies."

After she was handcuffed by Alvis, Stallard handed her phone to her son, telling him to begin making calls. When he didn't do it fast enough for her liking, she attempted to dial the phone using her nose before being stopped by the officer.

"So the reason you're in handcuffs right now is for the mason jar filled with nails and kerosene that you constructed," Alvis told her outside of the store.

Stallard insisted that none of the items belonged to her, adding "If there was something like that, it wasn't mine." Alvis then tells her that "they have video of you putting that together." She later admitted to being high on methamphetamine, but couldn't recall when she'd taken it.

While in the back of the police truck, Stallard then began acting violently.

"I swear if you break my window or dent my truck then you're gonna have additional charges," Alvis told her. "You realize you just kicked the door into my wrist right?"

Stallard continued to act out while eventually spitting on the officer. After being fit for a spit mask, she again tells Alvis that "You f—ing goddamn call somebody" to "tell them there's a bomb at Walmart -- and I didn't do it!"

She was later charged with attempted arson, firebombing, child abuse and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, as well as battery of a law enforcement officer.


Earlier in March, Walmart made headlines after D'Adrien L'Quinn Anderson was sentenced to 30 days in jail. Anderson was arrested after posting a now-viral video of him licking a container of Blue Bell ice cream before putting it back on the shelf.