Florida Man Calls 911 to Claim Clams He Ordered Were Too Small

A Florida man called 911 to report that the clams he had ordered were too small.

On Dec. 18, 51-year-old Nelson Agosto called 911 to tell the dispatcher that he wasn't happy with the food he had ordered and that he wanted an officer to report to Crabby's Seafood Shack.

"I ordered something, and it was extremely so small," Agosto can be heard in a recording of the call.

Despite being told that he had to call the non-emergency number, Agosto dialed 911 a short time later, claiming that he couldn't get through on the non-emergency line and still demanding that an officer report to Crabby's Seafood Shack for the "extremely so small" clams.

An officer did arrive at the restaurant a little while later and arrested Nelson Agosto by summons for misuse of 911. In the police report, the officer noted that Agosto didn't want to pay for his meal because the clams were too small, but that he did eat them, AJC.com reports.


It is not known if Agosto ended up paying the bill or not.