'Flintstones' House Finally Reaches Settlement in Controversial Case

A Flintstones house that graces a San Francisco suburb has finally reached a settlement in a case that was nothing short of controversial. The home features recreations of characters from the classic cartoon and has not been seen favorably by Hillsborough, where it sits. But according to the Associated Press, the homeowner has settled a lawsuit she brought against the city and will receive a $125,000 payday. She will also not have to remove any of her current statutes or sculptures.

Florence Fang, a retired publishing mogul, is the owner of the home, which is near San Francisco, California. In addition to large sculptures of the Flintstone family, Fang's multi-million dollar property also has other large artwork, such as aliens. Hillsborough attempted to sue Fang, claiming she violated local codes by installing the sculptures. Officials called the property "a highly visible eyesore" and declared it to be a public nuisance.

In 2019, the city took Fang to court after refusing to comply with several "stop-work orders" it had sent. The city also ordered her to remove many of the sculptures around her property. Fang then counter-sued, alleging that she was the victim of racial discrimination because she is Chinese. The settlement in the case stems from Fang agreeing to drop her counter-lawsuit.

Per court records, Fang will apply for building permits in the future, if she plans to install any more sculptures. This is in addition to the settlement payout she will receive. Notably, while the world is just now hearing of the lawsuit update, the court records indicate that the suit was settled on April 27.

Mark Hudak, a lawyer for the city of Hillsborough, previously spoke out about the case, saying that the town takes great pride in maintaining a "rural, woodsy feel." Hudak also stated that the city's rules are in place "so neighbors don't have to look at your version of what you would like to have, and you don't have to look at theirs." At this time, it does not appear that Fang, nor her attorneys, have issued a statement on the settlement.