First Lady Melania Trump's 'Holiday Season' Message Brings out Flurry of Spirited Responses

First Lady Melania Trump posted a video of her speech to U.S. military service members on Saturday, drawing some mixed responses on social media. The First Lady gave remarks about the holiday season to introduce President Donald Trump, and many thought it was strange to see her working in such an official capacity after the impeachment.

The First Lady was surrounded by men and women in uniform in the video she posted Saturday. She stood at a podium with the presidential seal on the front, wearing a beige coat against the winter chill. She acknowledged the sacrifice service members make by enlisting in the military, especially during the holiday season, when many are away from their families.

"On behalf of my family, I want to thank every member of our military and their families for their devotion to our country, and their courage to defend our freedoms," she said. "During this holiday season, we send our prayers to all who are serving overseas, and who will not be home with their families over Christmas. Our nation is with you, and thanks you for all the sacrifices you make to keep us safe."

"Wishing you all a very merry Christmas, and a happy and healthy New Year," she added.

The clip got some strong responses on Saturday as users found it on Twitter. A few hours after it went up, it had over 10,000 retweets and over 43,000 likes. The replies were a mixed bag of support and condemnation.

"Somebody has got to do it because your Be Best BS gets contradictions by actions from this," one person wrote, with a picture of President Trump. "Does he belong to you? So sorry for you."

"Shouldn't you be praying for the Russian troops?" asked another.

Of course, the First Lady got supportive messages in her replies as well, though many quickly devolved into arguments.

"Melania Trump, We the People appreciate YOU and want to thank you and your family for all your sacrifice for all of us. God bless you during this beautiful Christmas season and always," one person wrote.

The First Lady's new post comes in the same week that Congress voted to impeach President Trump. After a long process, the House of Representatives drafted articles of impeachment which stated that the president had committed abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.


The articles will be sent to the Senate after the holiday recess, where they will hold a trial to decide whether to remove him from office.

Photo credit: Getty Images