Farrah Abraham Broke the Internet With Her NSFW Webcam Debut

Farrah Abraham may have taken major heat for her NSFW erotic cam show debut, but the numbers tell a different story.

The Teen Mom personality landed a deal with CamSoda, a live adult cam site where models engage in "shows" for tipping clients. Abraham performed her own show on Wednesday, Sept. 13, unveiling her newly rejuvenated vagina after undergoing multiple procedures to have it tightened.

CamSoda's website crashed for a few minutes during the reality cast member's live stream, TMZ reports, and I.T. engineers scrambled to get the servers back up quickly, as well as add additional servers to handle the unprecedented amount of web traffic.

Apparently, 70,000 viewers tuned it to watch Abraham get down and dirty with herself while wearing a white bikini. She hasn't set a date for another show, but her profile is active and her "wish list" is filled out with things clients can gift her. Among those gifts are paid trips to Thailand, Greece, Monaco or Brazil, $200 for a mani/pedi, $3000 for hair, $68 for waxing or $30,000 to pay her bills.

The CamSoda show wasn't the 26-year-old's first encounter with on-screen sex (she earned nearly a million dollars for her tape with adult film star James Deen in 2013), but it was a creative way to reveal her post-vaginal rejuvenation lady bits to the world.

Abraham documented her entire vagina enhancement experience for fans on Instagram Aug. 26, visiting the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center for a tune-up.

In one photo, Abraham is standing next to her doctor at the front desk of the office, writing "Loving my lady parts!" in the caption with the hashtag "vaginal rejuvenation."

In another, she's stripped down to a metallic silver bra with a sheet draped over her legs as she receives the non-invasive procedure.

Her doctor explained the process of vaginal rejuvenation in a video Abraham shared.

"What this does is distributes little wounds through radio frequency which kind of breaks up the collagen and forces it to restore during that healing process, so everything becomes tighter and you actually experience …" he said.

"Like I'm 16 again?" Abraham interrupted.

"There you go, like you're 16 again!" the doctor said with a laugh.

Abraham's fans weren't impressed with her candid trip to the down-there-doctor, with one user writing, "Farrah why? I understand you're a mom and need the procedure for personal reasons, but why make it public? Have respect as a mother for your child and for others."

Some were equally upset when she showed her goodies to clients on camera for money. "I can't help but feel like your daughter will just be so embarrassed by you some day," one follower wrote. "I feel so bad for her. You can spoil her with all the materialistic things in the world but when it comes right down to it you're making a fool of yourself and someday she's going to see her mother diddling herself all over the internet."

But for every person who condemns her, it seems there are many more tuning in to her NSFW shows. After the success of her first live cam experience, she's toying with the idea of promoting a "backdoor" version — just like the second installment of her original adult tape. On this one, though, she'd go solo and keep the money all for herself.

Photo credit: Instagram / @farrah__abraham




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