Eric Trump Dragged for Tone-Deaf Tweet About US Economy, 'Roaring Back to Life'

With the death toll from the coronavirus pandemic rising daily, moving closer to 200,000 dead, Donald Trump and his family continue to miss the mark on their public remarks. While not directly related to COVID-19, Eric Trump is the latest to trip on his words, or better yet his tweets.

Echoing his father's remarks from Thursday and Friday, Trump posted about the positive NASDAQ numbers earlier in the week. The news doesn't do much for the middle and working-class families, despite the stock market typically being used as a crutch for the economy. But it is the way Trump shared the news that didn't sit well with many according to SecondNexus.

"Today the NASDAQ closed at an all time record high. America is roaring back to life," Trump wrote on Aug. 4 on his Twitter account. While the stocks may not affect the public as much as they would to the Trump family, the coronavirus certainly does. As Second Nexus shows, the pandemic has devastated "normal" life for many Americans.

The death toll continues to rise across the nation, with many blaming the horrid response from Donald Trump's administration, but its reach extends further. Unemployment rose to staggering levels. Health insurance quickly became a polarizing issue due to earlier attempts to gut the ACA. And fears of the virus were expanded due to almost daily misinformation. Evictions also became a real issue, with the stress enhanced by government delays or inaction.

Trump's tweet was not taken well by many online who quickly responded with derision. It also came shortly after Donald Trump's Axios interview where the president dismissed the death toll saying, "it is what it is."

"Meanwhile 1000+ Americans a day are dying. But hey, like 'heimer papi [Donald Trump] said: It is what it is," one wrote using Trump's own words against hit. "30 million people are unemployed because of Covid and it's increasing by 100k every day. but sure....'roaring,'" a second added.

"These numbers might mean something to you. They mean nothing to millions of Americans getting evicted, choosing food over medicine/rent. Dying from covid, unable to get medical help cause overworked medics cant help them. Need I go on?" another wrote, pointing out the disconnect between stock numbers and everyday issues.


"Working class Americans need help right now. Millions are jobless without health care. Many face hunger, eviction or economic ruin," a fourth added, while another showed how some have flourished during the pandemic. "Meanwhile, 40 Trump-tied lobbyists helped their clients secure $10,000,000,000+ in COVID relief funds. This is what a rigged system looks like."

This is merely the latest flub by the Trump family in regards to the pandemic and their response, with more sure to come. People also shouldn't expect any responsibility to be taken by those in charge. They said that clearly both verbally and through their actions according to many.