Elon Musk Curses up a Storm During Falcon Heavy Rocket Launch

On Tuesday, Elon Musk and the SpaceX program successfully launched the most powerful rocket in history into space, carrying along Musk's Tesla Roadster and an astronaut dummy as its payload.

It turns out Musk was just as surprised as everyone else when the rocket successfully launched as National Geographic caught the tech billionaire cursing up a storm at the Kennedy Space Center.

"Holy flying f—, that thing took off," Musk said. After watching the launch from monitors inside the space center, Musk ran outside to watch the rocket as it headed for Earth's orbit.

"Look at that, that's unreal," Musk said as the side boosters detached and safely landed in their target locations back on the ground.

Founded in 2002, Musk's created SpaceX with the goal of finding cost-effective means of space travel, while also working toward the colonization of Mars.

Musk recently made news when one of his other companies, ironically titled The Boring Company, announced its new product in The Boring Company Flamethrower. Musk posted a video back in January using the flamethrower, and has already reportedly received 7,000 orders for the device, of which there are currently 20,000 in stock. While the ad for the $500 flamethrowers are a bit of light-hearted fun, The Boring Company's real goal is to make a vast network of tunnels over every major U.S. city an attempt to alleviate overcrowding and traffic.

Musk also reportedly broke up with actress girlfriend Amber Heard recently.


"The timing wasn't good for them," an insider told Us Weekly. "He's super busy and works all the time. Amber is filming (Aquaman) in Australia until October. She's in no position to settle with him. She feels her career is just starting."