Ellen DeGeneres Reportedly Denies 'Manipulative' Claims by Viral Singer Greyson Chance

Ellen DeGeneres may no longer be the queen of daytime television in many people's eyes after explosive allegations from staffers about her less than stellar attitude hit the net and led to the end of her talk show. But according to reports, DeGeneres wen "above and beyond" for Greyson Chance. This comes amid the singer telling tabloids that the former Ellen DeGeneres Show host was "manipulative" and "way too controlling." A source from the media maven's team disputes Chance's version of events, telling Entertainment Tonight that the 25-year-old never complained that DeGeneres was the issue. Rolling Stone details the drama the Ellen team had with Chance. "Ellen and the team went above and beyond, and sometimes careers just don't take off," a source claims. "Chance did not make any complaints during that time and continued to appear on the show to launch his new projects. He has taken this time as he is launching an album to go after Ellen with opportunistic claims."

Chance appeared a dozen times on the show. His last appearance came in 2019 to promote a new single. He'd been dropped from his record label Interscope by then. Chance shared a TikTok video and refused to go against what he said in Rolling Stone, which included allegations that DeGeneres was "blatantly opportunistic" when she signed him to a record deal at the age of 12. DeGeneres was alleged to be "invested" in the young singer. "And I stand behind all of it," he said in the interview. "You know, I've been wanting to tell this story now for multiple years and was repeatedly told not to but the truth is, what you saw on TV and what was pitched out to the mainstream just wasn't what was happening behind the scenes."


Eventually, he signed with William Morris Endeavor (WME) while also under DeGeneres' music label. "And I'm sure people will have a lot to say about the article and how I maybe appear ungrateful for her [DeGeneres'] efforts in the beginning, and the truth is that I am grateful for her giving me a start," he added "But I'm more grateful to myself for the moments when I got dropped, and everything went awry when I was a kid. I'm thankful to 15-year-old me that picked up the pieces and kept on going and kept on fighting."