El Paso Walmart Shooting Suspect in Custody, Police Say

A shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas left multiple people dead on Saturday, and the scene may still be active. The El Paso Police Department confirmed "reports of multiple shooters" in the Cielo Vista Mall in the early afternoon. According to a report by CBS News, one shooter is in custody but police are still looking for more.

Police are urging people to stay away from the Walmart at the Cielo Vista Mall on Saturday as they sort out a horrific shooting. The FBI and ATF have also been called in, and so far there are no reliable counts of the dead or injured.

At the time of this writing, police said that they do not believe there is still an imminent threat to the area. However, they are still urging people to stay away from the mall as the investigation continues. Photos and news coverage from the scene show armored trucks dropping off heavily armed men, canvassing the area for more suspects.

So far, one law enforcement source has told CBS News that their preliminary information indicated that there are two male shooters, with an AK 47-style weapons.

However, while official update and statistics may not be up to date yet, eye-witness reports are trickling in. A witness named Ray Holgin told CBS News that he believed he had seen two people with guns. He also claimed to have heard "at least 10 gunshots. On social media, some who survived the shooting have already shared their stories as well.

One witness described hearing "15+ shots" fired, adding: "I swear I saw an older lady drop to the floor. Check on your family."

Social media is also seeing an influx of photos and videos from the shooting — including some that are disturbing and graphic. Some come without strong warnings or filters, making the internet a dangerous place as the story unfolds.


The shooting also reignited the debate about gun violence and gun laws always bubbling just beneath the surface in the U.S. As statements from public figures and politicians began to go out, many were flavored with a call to action or a strong opinion on gun rights.

"At this point, I’ve run out of condolences for every city, for every place. Sorry isn’t enough. My heart isn’t enough," wrote March For Our Lives co-founder Delaney Tarr. "All I can give is my promise to fight. To fight for El Paso, to fight for Americans. To fight for peace."