Dunkin' Donuts Brings Back Girl-Scout Inspired Lattes for Holiday Season

America might run on Dunkin', but it is Girl Scout Cookies that everyone wakes up for! Dunkin' Donuts announced earlier this week it would be bringing back its Girl Scouts-inspired drinks and allowing local Girl Scouts troops to sell their cookies at stores.

Dunkin' announced Monday that the Coconut Caramel and Thin Mints coffee flavors will return, and the new Trefoils shortbread flavor will be introduced this year. The flavors will be available nationwide at participating Dunkin' restaurants from December to Spring 2019.

The Thin Mints flavor brings the familiar mix of cool mint and chocolate flavors to Dunkin' coffee, while caramel fans will want to try the Coconut Caramel flavor for a mix of toasted coconut and creamy caramel. The Trefoils shortbread flavor tastes just like the favorite shortbread cookie.

Dunkin' coffee fans can add the flavors to their favorite hot and iced coffees, plus espresso, frozen coffee and frozen chocolate drinks.

Dunkin' is also teaming up with the Girl Scouts by welcoming local troops to sell their Girl Scout Cookies at Dunkin' locations on weekends in February 2019. The company did the same earlier this year, helping more than 12,000 cookie entrepreneurs sell cookies to Dunkin' customers.

“There are few brands that fit better together than Dunkin’ and Girl Scouts of the USA. From great flavor combinations to shared values, such as positivity, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit – it’s a perfect pairing,” Patty Healy, Dunkin’ Senior Director of Integrated Marketing, said in a statement. “The return of these beloved flavors to our lineup of coffees will help our brand and our guests kick off the New Year with a smile in honor of the start of Girl Scout Cookie season.”

"We are thankful to Dunkin’ for opening their doors to Girl Scout Cookie entrepreneurs around the United States for a second year,” Barry Horowitz, GSUSA Chief Revenue Officer, added. “Girl Scouts become entrepreneurs as they sell delicious cookies, while also powering amazing experiences for themselves and their troops with their earnings. Hosting cookie booths increases the opportunities for girls to build their cookie businesses and become the leaders of today and the future.”

The team-up with the Girl Scouts is good news for Dunkin' after the company announced late last month it was the victim of a hack that might have compromised some consumers' data. According to the company, they discovered on Oct. 31 that third parties tried to access customer data through DD Perks, Dunkin's rewards program. The compromised data included first and last names of customers, their email addresses and DD Perks account numbers.


"We believe that these third-parties obtained usernames and passwords from security breaches of other companies," the company said in a statement. "These individuals then used the usernames and passwords to try to break in to various online accounts across the Internet. Our security vendor was successful in stopping most of these attempts, but it is possible that these third-parties may have succeeded in logging in to your DD Perks account if you used your DD Perks username and password for accounts unrelated to Dunkin.'"

Photo credit: Dunkin' Donuts