Donald Trump Was Reportedly 'Screaming' Over Bruce Castor's Impeachment Trial Opening Statement

Former President Donald Trump allegedly screamed over one of his defense lawyers Bruce Castor in his opening remarks during his impeachment trial, sources say. CNN's Kaitlin Collins had sources saying that Trump was "basically screaming" in reaction to Castor's remarks. New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman confirmed an ABC News report suggesting that Trump was expecting a "much less successful defense than the one of his first senate impeachment trial." Though, he was shocked to hear some of the arguments presented by his team. "The praise of the House Dems' case laid out against him shocked him and some in Trump's orbit were unsure why Castor seemed caught off guard by video clips that were expected for days."

Haberman also revealed via Twitter there might have been an unexpected method to the perceived madness. "A Trump adviser tells me Castor is intentionally trying to reduce the emotion in the room after the House managers' case. Calls it a 'deliberative strategy,'" she said. CNN correspondent Abby D. Phillip comically described Castor's opening saying, "I have been in this government class before, where someone hasn't done the reading, napped through the first half of class, gets called on and just riffs for 15 minutes."

"Nebraska, you're going to hear, is quite a judicial thinking place" was one of the zany quotes used in Castor's speech. Castor also went on to point toward the previously mentioned tactic saying, "I'll be quite frank with you, we changed what we were going to do on account that we thought the House managers' presentation was well done." He closed his speech daring the Department of Justice to try arresting Trump.


Social media responded to the news with some mixed reactions. "Trump has no business screaming at anyone. He's a criminal and traitor deserving the wrath of the nation," one user wrote. His behavior is a sign that being a defendant in future criminal trials will destroy him." Another user seemed to be in disbelief. "You'd have us to believe that there were multiple people in the room with Trump today while he was watching. And that a certain number of them told you this. Sorry. You're making it up," they said.