Donald Trump Reportedly Will Continue Holding Rallies as Part of Election Recount Strategy

President Donald Trump doesn’t plan on going down without a fight as sources on Sunday suggest that he will continue to host rallies as he did during his campaign trail. The goal of these gatherings, though, would be to serve as a messaging blitz in support of his claims of voter fraud and a corrupt election. Since Tuesday night, Trump has been vocal in pointing out what he calls “illegal votes,” referring to mail-in ballots and the mass of early votes that ended up being counted in the days after Election Day.

As Trump watched his lead in many states turn from red to blue, dwindling his reelection odds, his cries for voter fraud only intensified. Setting the stage for these months prior, Trump has remained wary of the election process and urged his supporters to show up in droves to vote in-person. With the electoral college going Joe Biden’s way, as has the popular vote by more than four million ballots, the race was called on Saturday after Pennsylvania flipped from red to blue. From that point forward, Trump took to Twitter to call out the process, even seeing approximately one-third of his tweets flagged by the social media site for baseless claims.

It’s unclear what Trump and his team are hoping to gain from these rallies; sources told CNN that they are prepared to do whatever it takes to “raise enough doubt about the results.” They hope that through creating a big enough firestorm, they will force secretaries of states from these vital states, including Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Wisconsin, to open investigations into recounts. Axios shared that one way they hope to call out the election’s supposed fraud is by showing obituaries of people who claimed to have cast a vote. However, this is something that CNN has analyzed in Michigan and did not find any such thing occurring. Among their other strategies, which were executed in the early elections, were filing lawsuits in various states. Many of these litigations have already been shot down, though.

On Sunday, it was reported that both First Lady Melania Trump and senior advisor Jared Kushner had advised the president to concede the race. However, this doesn’t appear to be happening as Trump’s team is gearing up for a fight. While Trump hasn’t addressed the possibility of not being reelected, Biden has already begun to lay the framework for what his administration plans on doing from the jump. This includes an emphasis on four areas, as seen on his transitional website that launched on Sunday, which focuses on COVID-19, climate change, economic recovery and racial equity.