Melania Trump Reportedly Advises Donald Trump to Accept Election Loss

Melania Trump is reportedly following suit with Jared Kushner in advising her husband, Donald Trump to concede the election, accepting the results that saw Joe Biden secure four million ballots more in the popular vote and the 270 electoral votes that were needed to declare a winner. According to CNN's sources close to the Trump administration, the first lady privately advised Donald to accept the election loss rather than follow through with lawsuits after alleging voter fraud and illegal votes were included in the final numbers.

After the report came out, the former model put out a tweet suggesting otherwise. “The American people deserve fair elections,” Trump began her post, appearing to show support for her husband’s claims. “Every legal — not illegal — vote should be counted.” She also said there needs to be “complete transparency” in the process, which is something that has been a sticking point in multiple lawsuits filed by Donald during the counting process. Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and a senior advisor, also reportedly has told the president it may be best to concede according to sources. Like Trump appearing to backtrack in her stance, Kusher, according to campaign spokesman Jason Miller, has not given this advice and instead has told Donald to pursue all legal remedies to produce a fair election.

The president hasn’t backed down from his claims of voter fraud in the day following news outlets calling the race after Pennsylvania was determined to have gone blue. He tweeted on Sunday that he will be appearing on the Mark Levin Show to discuss the “mail-in ballot hoax.” Among his other tweets, many of which have been flagged by Twitter for false claims, Donald claimed he won the election with his 71,000,000 votes because of observers not being allowed into the counting rooms. This particular post was disputed by the social media platform, leaving approximately one-third of his post-election tweets being marked by Twitter.

While Donald has yet to concede the election results, even with the reported advice of some of his closest peers, that hasn’t stopped president-elect Joe Biden and his vice president, Kamala Harris, for carrying on in celebration. The two were joined onstage by their families for their victory speech on Saturday evening in Delaware and have already begun to take the first steps in preparing for their arrival at the White House. Biden is planning on revealing his 12-person coronavirus task force on Monday and their administration has already set up a transition website that explains their early plans in office.