Donald Trump Reacts to Kirstie Alley's Praise for His Response to Coronavirus Pandemic

Actress Kirstie Alley recently took to Twitter to praise President Donald Trump for his response [...]

Actress Kirstie Alley recently took to Twitter to praise President Donald Trump for his response to the coronavirus pandemic, and the Commander-in-Chief has now responded to her message. In her tweet, Alley showered kind words on Trump for how he has been handling the situation. Trump retweeted Alley's post, and sent the former Cheers actress a big "Thank you" for showing him support.

Many others have since followed Alley's lead, and sent Trump messages of support as his administration navigates limiting the spread of the viral outbreak. "President Trump and his team have done an amazing job during a very difficult time," one supporter tweeted. "And have you ever seen a President take questions EVERY DAY for 1-2 hours? When does this man sleep?" Another added, "Thank you potus for leading us throughout this crisis with your measured responses and your calming tone. Potus, we need to get back to work next Monday. Only have the most vulnerable self isolate for another month but the rest of America needs to get back to work."

"Media only looks for money. In this emergency we must trust and support the President. He wants to help us for nothing, has the best team and all the resources," someone else wrote.

One other user tweeted to Alley, saying, "Thank you, Kirstie!! When most celebrities are full of hatred 4 our President, it's nice 2 see some common sense coming from Hollywood. Don't think everyone should have my political views, but if Hollywood could voice their opinions W/OUT hatred, I would be more understanding."

Not everyone shares Alley's sentiments, however, as many have expressed that they do not feel as confident in Trump's management of the coronavirus pandemic as she does, with one critical user saying, "Am I missing the sarcasm here? Because I'm pretty sure he is defying medical experts and pushing for the country to go back to work in the middle of an unresolved pandemic."

The number global coronavirus cases is estimated at more than 380,000, per CNN. At this time, medical experts are strongly urging everyone to stay home as much as possible, avoid crowded areas, and wash their hands often.