Donald Trump Impeachment Trial: Twitter Slams Senator Richard Burr for Not Wearing Socks

As the Impeachment Trial of President Donald Trump and Twitter users are slamming Sen. Richard Burr for not wearing socks to the hearings. A sketch artist picture of Burr sitting through the trial emerged on the social media site, and revealed he was indeed not wearing socks with his shoes during the opening day.

Many Twitter users have since joked about the moment, with one writing, "Richard Burr's socks don't even want to be seen with him. They were last spotted making a run for it with Jim Jordan's jacket."

"And if you didn't already think he was a monster, Sen. Richard Burr baring his ankles with the shoes without socks look," another user quipped.

"FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The office of TulsaddiArabia is no longer stanning Richard Burr at this time due to his stance on socks. The office continues to promote a sock based lifestyle and at this time will not comment further on the matter," someone else joked.

"Things I learned watching the Senate floor for an hour: Tim Scott and Ben Sasse are trading notes like they're in seventh grade. They're also digging into a stash of candy and beef jerky that Sasse brought. And, in pure Sen. Burr sartorial style, even in January: no socks," one other user added.

"No socks on Burr? Or pink socks on Burr? Either way, thank God we were spared the actual sight of this travesty," one last user joked, commenting on how the artists rendering could be seen as Burr wearing some light-colored socks.

Burr poked fun at all the controversy surrounding his fashion choice, by sharing the sketch and joking that he was making it his new Twitter profile picture, which he then did.


Burr is currently serving as U.S. Senator from North Carolina, and is the Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

Photo Credit: Getty Images