Trump Rally Attendee in Wall-Patterened Suit Looks Identical to Drew Carey

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign rally in Tulsa raised quite a few concerns both before and during the event and created even bigger controversy afterward. Nestled in all of that drama, however, was one particular supporter who has gone viral for his "wall suit."

That would be Blake Marnell, who not only has a wardrobe making the rounds but also has an uncanny resemblance to Drew Carey. One user on Twitter was quick to point it out, writing, “Thank GOODNESS that guy in the brick suit is NOT Drew Carey. That freaked me out for a moment.” Another comment on Twitter read, “This isn't Drew Carey. And the Price Is Wrong.”

After seeing Carey's name trending on Twitter, many were concerned that something serious had happened to the Price is Right actor. It turns out that what those people discovered was something completely different.

While his likeness to Carey took center stage across social media, his suit also drew quite the reaction on Twitter. Many were just seeing the get-up for the first time, but some had seen him pop up at previous rallies. Marnell is planning on attending the upcoming events, as well.


While Marnell and his suit have created some light-hearted publicity out of the rally, things went nowhere near expectations for Trump and his team while in Tulsa. The reported attendance was just north of 6,000 after it was anticipated to be a packed arena. Things got worse when it was discovered that six of his staffers on the campaign had tested positive for COVID-19. All of this coming after health experts warned of the event potentially serving as an incubator for the spread of the disease.

Prior to the rally, Trump was under major fire for choosing to hold it on June 19, otherwise known as Juneteenth or the day slaves in Texas first learned of their freedom. After receiving all of the backlash, the date was pushed back one day. Trump’s next event will be in Arizona and then Wisconsin.