Donald Trump Admits Joe Biden Won the Election, But Then Refuses to Concede

Over a week after news outlets such as the Associated Press and CBS News projected that Joe Biden would become the 46th President of the United States, incumbent President Donald Trump acknowledged the outcome of the election. On Twitter, the president acknowledged that Biden "won," but he continued to share false claims about the election in the process. Even though he wrote that Biden won, Trump wrote in a follow-up tweet that he still refuses to concede the election.

Trump originally wrote on Sunday morning that Biden won because the election was "rigged" (the president continues to claim, without evidence, that the election was rigged and that there was widespread voter "fraud" that caused him to lose). He went on to claim that a number of aspects contributed to Biden's win, citing the "Fake & Silent Media" and "bum equipment that couldn't even qualify for Texas." Many took the president's tweet as a sign that he was finally conceding, as hashtags such as "#TrumpConceded" and "#TrumpFinallyConcedes" immediately began trending on Twitter. However, in a subsequent message, Trump said that he was not actually conceding. He wrote that Biden won "in the eyes of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA." He added, "I concede NOTHING!" The president went on to write that he will continue to challenge the outcome of the election in court.


On Nov. 7, numerous outlets projected that Biden would become the next president after securing the requisite amount of electoral votes to achieve the win. Although the former vice president is the projected winner, Trump has refused to concede, claiming, without any supporting evidence, that the election was rigged against him. As a result, the president has vowed to fight this outcome in court, as he has already requested a recount in states such as Wisconsin, which Biden won. Additionally, Trump has also falsely claimed that he was the winner in the election and that there was widespread voter "fraud" (again, there is no evidence to support the president's claims).