This Dog's Ear Looks Like Donald Trump

Trump Ear

President Donald Trump is everywhere, including inside a dog's ear. A woman in England claims a cyst inside her two-year-old Beagle's ear looked just like Trump.

Jade Robinson of Jarrow, Tyneside told the BBC on Monday that she found a cyst inside her beagle Chief's ear. She took a photo of it when Chief was asleep. She showed it to a friend, who immediately realized that the infection looked just like Trump.

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"As he has the very distinctive long ears they spend a lot of time scraping the ground sniffing for lovely smells, unfortunately this leads to his ears picking up a lot of dirt," Robinson told the BBC. "We have fought to keep his ears clean since day one however general cleaning can only go so far."

She continued, "This photo had to be taken whilst Chief was asleep as he does not like his inner ears to be touched and I swear I looked and zoomed in and out at this photo over 20 times and never saw Donald Trump - it was my eagle-eyed friend who pointed it out."

Robinson needs to take Chief to the vet to have the ear checked out. She has raised £199 of her £430 target so far at

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"This page has SOLELY been set up to help us pay for his vet treatments, we have been quoted his initial treatment of £430 however this will continue to increase as we find out what is wrong and what treatment he needs going forward," Robinson wrote. "We are currently struggling to fund the money for his investigation and would [appreciate] any donation big or small would be amazing!"