Dayton, Ohio Shooting: 9 People Dead, Gunman Who Wore Body Armor Shot and Killed by Police

A mass shooting occurred overnight in Dayton, Ohio, police say. At 1 a.m. local time, an unnamed man shot dozens of people near the Ned Peppers bar in the town's Oregon District, killing nine and injuring at least 26 others. The gunman, who allegedly wore body armor during his rampage, was killed by police less than a minute after they arrived on the scene.

Dayton's police department informed the public of exactly what went down with a series of tweets on Sunday morning after the incident happened.

The shooting began at 1 a.m., and luckily officers in the district were nearby and able to respond quickly. They soon updated the first injury tolls, which first placed the number of wounded as "at least 16." That number climbed to 26 as more information became available, with 10 people dead after the shooting including the shooter. Police have only described the gunman as a "heavy set white male," according to NewsNet reporter Derek Myers.

The FBI soon arrived on the scene to assist in the investigation. Authorities urge those with knowledge of the situation to either call 937-333-COPS or 937-225-6217 to assist in the investigation.

On of the first hand account of the shooting comes from Daniel Williams, the former drummer of rock band The Devil Wears Prada. He said he and photographer Hannah Ray were inside Ned Peppers when the shooting broke out, but escaped the bar safely. Although unconfirmed by official sources, he claims the shooter used a AR-15 to carry out the attack.

Ray said they were outside on Ned Peppers' patio when they heard gun shots. People began to rush inside, thinking the incident occurred somewhere nearby. In fact, the shooting was happening inside the bar, so people were quickly pushed back out by those fleeing to safety.

News of the shooting comes just hours after El Paso, Texas, faced a similar tragedy. A shooting at a Walmart there left 20 people dead and at least 26 injured.


No other information about the Dayton shooting, including the identities of victims and the shooter, is available as of press time.

Photo Credit: DEREK MYERS/AFP/Getty Images