Day Care Worker Accused of Burning Children With Hot Glue Gun

A woman from Chicago is facing charges after she allegedly burned five toddlers with a hot glue gun.

Lizandra Cosme, 32, was arrested Sunday and charged with five counts of aggravated battery of a child under 13 years old causing great bodily harm, WLS reports. She appeared in court on Monday and is being held without bail.

On Dec. 1, it is alleged that Cosme brought a hot glue gun to the Children's Learning Place daycare, where she worked, in order to use the glue gun for a Christmas project. Surveillance video allegedly captured the 32-year-old applying the hot glue to the arms and hands of three girls and two boys, all 2 years old.

It is alleged that Cosme attempted to cover the incident up by applying Neosporin to the burns, and when that failed, she is said to have asked a parent if the injuries had happened at home. Her crime was discovered when a parent, who is an ER nurse, noticed the injuries on her child and demanded to see the surveillance video.

Cosme has since been fired.


A second woman, 27-year-old Susana D. Gonzalez, was arrested and charged with five misdemeanor counts of causing the circumstances of child endangerment in connection with the case. Authorities allege that Gonzalez stood by and watched, laughing as Cosme injured the toddlers.

The severity of the injuries the toddlers suffered is not known. Cosme is expected to be back in court on Dec. 26.