Cyber Monday: Twitter User Reveals Inbox Photo and It Is Terrifying

Cyber Monday 2019 is officially here, and brands are filling up potential customers' inboxes with deals, which means that many people likely got several more emails than they're used to this morning. One Twitter user felt that struggle on Monday, sharing a photo of her overflowing inbox and joking that it was "scaring" her.

Plenty of other users shared their own tales of over-filled inboxes.

"Cyber Monday is like inbox whack-a-mole," one person joked. "Every time you kill one email 3 more pop up!"

"It’s Cyber Monday," a second user tweeted. "Prepare for triple the spam coming to your inbox this morning!"

Someone else asked, "OK, which dimlo came up with bloody 'Cyber Monday' just to keep emails pumping discounts off raised prices into my straining inbox?"

One user had a useful tip, writing, "Cyber Monday or as I like to call it - #unsubscribe day. Best day of the year to clean your inbox of junk mail going forward."

A sarcastic tweet read, "OMG, I just can’t wait for my inbox to be filled with #cybermonday spam! The #blackFriday ones just weren’t enough."

"Judging by the 317 emails in my inbox this morning, today is something called #CyberMonday," someone else joked. "Who knew?"

Someone else simply ordered, "Go away Cyber Monday - You're clogging up my Inbox!"


Despite the naysayers, one person didn't seem to mind the deluge of offers quite as much.

Photo Credit: Getty / MacFormat Magazine