Cyber Monday Morning Video of Soldier Reuniting With Son During Boxing Match Has Twitter in Tears

A video of a soldier being reunited with his young son during a martial arts match is making waves on social media on Cyber Monday. Florida Congressional candidate Anna Paulina Luna shared the video on Monday, calling it some "Cyber Monday positivity," much to her followers' delight.

In the clip, which actually made headlines back in March, 9-year-old Luca — who was blindfolded — was unknowingly sparring with his dad, Staff Sergeant Rob Cesternino, during his martial arts class. After a Facebook group called Operation Yellow Ribbon, Welcome Home Rob Cesternino conspired to bring him home early from his 10 months of active duty with the National Guard in Syria, Luca had no idea his dad would be a week earlier than expected.

At Luca's taekwondo class in Lebanon, Tennessee, his instructor set the boy up with a blindfold for sparring, when Cesternino stepped in to box with him. Every time Cesternino can be heard encouraging his son using his nickname throughout the clip, Luca hesitates as if he knows he's hearing his father's voice but convincing himself that it can't be true. The third time Cesternino speaks, Luca stops completely, says, "Daddy?" and rips off his blindfold.

Upon seeing his father in his military uniform, Luca launches himself into Cesternino's arms and doesn't let go. Applause breaks out in the room and Cesternino comments on how big Luca has gotten and tells him how proud he is of him.

Although the clip is not new, some of Luna's Twitter followers were grateful to start their week with some positivity. "Thanks Anna... I could watch stuff like this ALL day..." one Twitter user wrote.

"I love this so much," someone else said.

"This is PERFECT for a Monday morning, thanks!!!" another wrote.

"That's so AWESOME! Thank you for sharing!" one person said.

In a longer version of the clip published by NBC News, Cesternino asks Luca, "Wanna play hooky tomorrow?"


"We don’t give enough thought to how tough it is on the families we leave behind," Cesternino told WSMV News at the time. Luca told the station, "I miss him so much."

Photo credit: Stephen Morton / Stringer / Getty