Couple Adopts 4 Kids in 24 Hours After the Unthinkable Happened

kaley jeremy carling
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Jeremy and Kaley Carling have been married for nine years and trying to start a family for two. They quickly discovered how difficult conceiving a child would be, thanks to Kaley's rheumatoid arthritis and lupus medications. “I went off for a while and I got so sick. I’m 5-foot-6 and I dropped down to 98 pounds,” Kaley said.

Instead of accepting the idea that they would be an aunt and uncle to their nieces and nephews, they decided to look into adoption.

To their delight, the Carlings found a birth mother, but she later changed her mind and decided to keep the baby.

"I went to every doctor’s appointment with her. We supported her emotionally and financially. We even watched her 2-year-old son to alleviate some of her stress,” Kaley told Us Weekly. "Then she changed her mind when the baby was born in July. It was devastating."

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(Photo: Photo via Us Weekly)

One month later, on August 11, Kaley said that the birth mother was arrested for child sex trafficking. The Carlings petitioned for custody of the baby girl, but she was instead placed into her grandmother's care by child services.

"We knew she wasn’t in a safe place," Kaley said. Tragically, they were right. In September, the Carlings were notified that the infant and her grandmother had been murdered. "We already mourned the loss of her one time when [the birth mom/name redacted] changed her mind," Kaley said. "Then we had to mourn her again."

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(Photo: Photo via Us Weekly)

However, it wasn't all sad news. That same day in August, social services called the Carlings with some wonderful news: two biological sisters were available to foster! And later that day, more good news came: a birth mother wanted to place her twin girls with the Carlings!

Finally, on October 19 and 20, the Carlings adopted all four little girls: Haven, 2, Indie, 15 months, and Sunny and Weslie, 9 months.

kaley carling twins
(Photo: Photo via Us Weekly)

"I always felt like we would end up with the children that we were supposed to wind up with," Kaley said. "Now that they’re here, I believe that more than ever."


A GoFundMe page has been set up for the Carling family.

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