Cop Under Investigation for Child Sexual Abuse Kills Himself in Mall Parking Lot

A San Francisco police officer under investigation for child sexual abuse took his own life in mall parking lot.

Antonio Cacatian, 49, shot himself Monday afternoon after being pulled over by police in a neighboring city, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Police retreated to their vehicles after hearing gunshots, but due to Cacatian’s tinted windows, they were unable to see inside of the vehicle. One officer broke the windshield using a gun that fires beanbags. Inside they discovered Cacatian’s body.

Cacatian’s death follows news that San Francisco police had been informed of an ongoing investigation involving Cacatian in Las Vegas. It is reported that the 49-year-old was under investigation over allegations that he committed sexual acts in 2014 with a child under the age of 14. He allegedly knew the child.

Cacation was a 9-year veteran of San Francisco’s police department.