Conor McGregor Peels out in BMW After Paying Speeding Ticket

Conor McGregor seems to make quite a scene wherever he goes, and he did it again when he peeled out of a courthouse parking lot only moments after paying a fine for a previous ticket.

Donning a green Adidas track suit, McGregor was caught by news cameras heading to his $150,000 BMW i8, climbing in, and then yelling, 'Come and get me,'" before peeling out and speeding off.

The UFC fighter had just paid off a ticket he'd received for going 158 km (98 mph) per hour in a 100 km (about 60 mph) zone in Dublin, according to TMZ.

Always one to challenge authority, McGregor recently got some heat when he jumped into an MMA ring and ended up nearly fighting with the referee, at someone else's match.

McGregor was attending the fight to support Charlie Ward, his teammate on the SBG Ireland team.

Ward defeated John Redmond and as soon as the fight was called, McGregor jumped on the cage fence and exuberantly attacked Ward with a congratulatory tackle.

Marc Goddard, the veteran referee officiating the fight, pulled the two apart and McGregor clearly took offense and seemingly attempted to pick a fight with Goddard.

After almost an entire minute of pushing his way around the ring, McGregor eventually exited with no further incident.


Earlier this year, McGregor went head-to-head in the boxing ring with Floyd Mayweather but failed to secure the victory.

The highly-anticipated match between McGregor and Mayweather ended with Mayweather emerging victorious. McGregor did not go down, however. The fight was stopped one minute and five seconds into round 10 by the Ref.