Conor McGregor Mocked for Spectacular Football Fail at Dallas Cowboys Game

Conor McGregor has been getting mocked on social media for a spectacular football fail while he was attending a recent Dallas Cowboys game.

The MMA fighter was hanging out on the field and mingling with fans when someone gave him a football to throw. His form was not quite what you'd expect and the internet is going in hard on him over it.

"Conor McGregor attempting to throw a football. I hear John Elway likes what he sees and is trying to set up a meeting on Tuesday," one person joked.

"Watching Conor McGregor try to throw a football night be the funniest thing I've ever seen," someone else commented.

"Livin my best life knowing I can throw a football better than Conor McGregor," another Twitter user quipped.

Not everyone was critical of McGregor's throw, however, as a few of the notorious fighter's fans defended him.

"Everybody hatin on [McGregor] for that throw. Y'all do understand that's a high priced one off 4 figure suit right? I wouldn't wanna rip it either," one fan joked. "Uncultured people."

"Everybody hating on [McGregor] for his throw. That was just the aftermath of a bottle of [Proper12] Irish whiskey in the veins," another fan commented.

McGregor eventually commented on the mockery he was getting, taking to Instagram to post the most Connor McGregor-style reply he could have mustered.

"Hahaha yous'r f—ing ruthless on this side. I just didn't want to rip my custom @augustmcgregor baby blue billionaire blazer. That was all, y'all," he wrote in an Instagram post. "Great job to the Cowboys today! It's a Proper giddy up tonight in Dallas and I LOVE IT, see yous soon."


McGregor recently lost a UFC fight to Khabib Nurmagomedov, and may possibly return to the octagon again in the summer of 2019.