Conor McGregor Fans Want Another Fight Against Floyd Mayweather, But Not in the Ring

Floyd Mayweather may have proved that he's king in the boxing ring by winning against Conor McGregor last night, but McGregor fans would like to see the two battle out a round two match somewhere else.

Many McGregor and UFC fans are calling for the fighters to face off again, but this time they want it to be in a UFC Octagon.

One Twitter user wrote, "I'd like to see Mayweather vs. McGregor rematch in the Octagon. I'd buy that PPV in a heartbeat." Another chimed in, "Dude if Floyd fought Mcgregor in the octagon boxing folks would be quiet."

The highly anticipated match between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather ended with Floyd Mayweather emerging victorious.

Conor McGregor did not go down. The fight was stopped one minute and five seconds into round 10 by the Ref.

Before the fight, Mayweather was going in with a record of 49-0, 26 KO's. This was McGregor's first boxing match, but his UFC record stands at 21-3, with 18 KO's.

After this fight, Mayweather remains undefeated.

Earlier in the evening, the match had been delayed due to PPV issues. ESPN Sports Business reporter Darren Rovell tweeted out that he heard this could potentially be happening.

In another tweet, Rovell added, "They had two years to figure this out after delaying Mayweather-Pacquiao for the same reasons. Couldn't get it done," referencing the same thing happening in 2015.

The UFC took to their official Twitter page to comment on the situation, writing, "[UFC Fight Pass] customers: Due to overwhelming traffic you may be experiencing log in issues. This will be resolved shortly."


Eventually, though, the fight got started with both men winning rounds and throwing hard punches.

Ultimately, Mayweather has come out on top as the night's big champion.