College Player Bowls Over ESPN Reporter on TV, Asks Her out in Apology

A college football player accidentally bowled over an ESPN reporter on TV, and then apologized by asking her out.

The hit came on Saturday, when Georgia Bulldogs (UGA) player Prather Hudson knocked over sports journalist Laura Rutledge while she was on the sidelines for the game against the University of Massachusetts, 247 Sports reports.

As caught on camera, Hudson and another player battled towards the sidelines where Rutledge was standing and smashed into her, causing her to fall to the ground.

She was a good sport about the whole thing, later tweeting a clip of the hit and commenting, "Took an L in Athens today. So many thanks to everyone at [the University of Georgia] for their help after this happened...even though I’m a Gator."

Hudson then tweeted an apology to Rutledge and, in true 2018 fashion, he did not miss the opportunity to shoot his shot.

"Hey [Laura Rutledge,] really sorry I knocked you down, but... I can pick you up at 7," Hudson tweeted, adding an emoji with sunglasses.

Rutledge, who is married to former Boston Red Sox Infielder Josh Rutledge, was very polite in letting Hudson down easy, simply tweeting back to him a laughing-crying emoji.

Many have commented on the hit and subsequent date offer, including Kayce Smith, the ESPN reporter's friend and fellow sports journalist.

"My girl [Laura Rutledge] went viral for taking a huge sideline hit and getting asked on a condolences date. Definition of shooters shoot," she joked.

Rutledge responded by tweeting back a GIF of Steve Carrell as Michael Scott making finger-guns.

Others have tweeted back to Rutledge as well, with one follower saying, "As long as you bounce back .... it’s okay. Truly hope you’re well and not too bruised up. SEC Sideline Reporting isn’t for sissies."


"You had a rough day! But you still looked fabulous through it all! Nothing like live television! You just never know what will happen!," someone else commented. "Hope you are okay!!"

Rutledge's fans and followers will be glad to know that she is fine and did not sustain any serious injures during the hit. We cannot say the same for Hudson's heart after that shut-down, however.