Chuck E. Cheese Appears to Change Its Name on Grubhub to Sell 'Premium' Takeout Pizza

Multiple Chuck E. Cheese locations have changed their names to Pasqually's Pizza & Wings to sell pizza on Grubhub during the coronavirus pandemic. CEC Entertainment, the company that runs the kid-friendly Chuck E. Cheese restaurants, confirmed the restaurants are one and the same. Pasqually's is a "premium" offering inside Chuck E. Cheese restaurants and is named after a member of Munch's Make Believe Band.

In April, a Philadelphia couple discovered a chain called "Pasually's Pizza & Wings" on their Grubhub app. They realized the location's address was the same as their local Chuck E. Cheese restaurant. The Detroit Metro Times confirmed one of the Pasqually's in the Detroit area was the same as Chuck E. Cheese's location there as well. CEC Entertainment explained to Food & Wine that Pasqually's pizza is offered inside Chuck E. Cheese restaurants and offers a "more premium pizza experience." The items are only available through take-out and delivery, but could show up on Chuck E. Cheese menus in the future, the company said.

Those well-versed in the history of the Chuck E. Cheese universe might have already suspected Pasqually's had something to do with the brand. According to the company, Pasqually P. Pieplate is an Italian immigrant who joined Munch's Make-Believe Band and is also a skilled chef. He opened his own restaurant at first, but his customers were not interested in his stand-up act, so the business failed. But just as he was about to close the place down, he found a singing rat living in the building and decided to reopen with the rat's name, Chuck E. Cheese, on the building. Pasqually's second venture almost failed, too, because adults did not like singing rats.

One day, as the crowd left disappointed by Chuck E.'s singing left, Chuck E. spotted a young boy wearing a birthday crown. Chuck E. burst into song and began singing "Happy Birthday," which happens to be his favorite song. Everyone, including Pasqually, was shocked that Chuck E. could sing that well, so he invited the family into the restaurant. From that day on, Pasqually dedicated his restaurant to serving children. Over time, Chuck E. and Pasqually became better friends and have continued performing together ever since.


Unfortunately, Chuck E.'s singing days could be limited. CEC has been phasing out the animatronic band since 2017. Their first quarter reported showed a 21% sales decline due to the coronavirus. Aside from the "premium" offerings on GrubHub, the chain is also trying to stay relevant with livestreamed events, including dances from Chuck E.'s home. Hopefully, it works out, or Pasqually might have to find a new rodent to exploit for his next restaurant.