Chattanooga Police Officers Under Federal Investigation for Violating the Constitution

A pair of Chattanooga police officers are in some hot water as they find themselves under federal investigation for violating the Constitution. The two officers, Jacob Lee and Jonathan Bradley were discovered to have conducted "unconstitutional searches and seizures" in a letter from the United States Attorney to the Eastern District of Tennessee, according to News 12.

Both of the officers' attorneys addressed the situation in a message to the news station. Land Pope, who represents Bradley, said the former Army veteran are tasked with fighting gang violence in the area after finishing his duty serving the country. It was just recently that he learned of his actions but that he will be "fully cooperating with that investigation." Pope said that his client is "proud" of his work and equally as confident that when the investigation is through, the quality of his work will also be highlighted.

As for Lee, his attorney, Lee Davis, applauded his client for the six years of work he has put into the community, calling him an "outstanding officer." He, too, has been involved in gang-related investigations and said that Lee stands by his work in the field. Lee said he understands why the accusation has to be looked into but expects his client's work will "speak for itself" when all is said and done.

This comes after police across the country are being placed under an intense spotlight in the wake of the George Floyd incident. A Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin, was seen on camera kneeling on Floyd's neck for nearly nine minutes as Floyd pleaded that he couldn't breathe. Floyd eventually passed away, and Chauvin was ultimately charged with third-degree murder before being increased to second-degree. Eventually, the other three officers who were there on the scene also were charged in the death of Floyd.

Across the country, protesters have called for an end to systemic racism while also bringing light police brutality. Along with marching for Floyd, the death of Breonna Taylor has also been brought to light. Taylor was a medical worker in Louisville, Kentucky, where she was shot to death at the hand of police officers who executed a search warrant into her apartment. The men in question were not present on the scene. Taylor would have turned 27 over the weekend. Over the past week, many have also brought her case to the forefront to seek justice.