Chance the Rapper Joins the Backstreet Boys for Doritos Super Bowl 53 Commercial

Fans got a sneak peek at Chance the Rapper and the Backstreet Boys together in Doritos' Super Bowl commercial on Tuesday.

It sounds like Chance the Rapper is putting a new twist on an old favorite this weekend in his collaboration with the Backstreet Boys. In Tuesday's teaser, he dropped some heat onto group's classic "I Want It That Way," rapping over the song in celebration of Doritos' own collaboration — Flamin' Hot Nacho chips.

The teaser shows off some of the enormous production value behind the Super Bowl LIII ad. It begins with Chance sitting alone in what looks like an airplane hangar, resting on top of a piano and trying the snacks out.

"Flamin' Hot Nacho?" he wonders to himself. "They made the original... hot?"

The ad then cuts to closed air strip, where Chance and a few others are pulling off stunts in matching purple and yellow sports cars. Multi-colored smoke drifts through the air as dancers in matching neon jumpsuits dance around behind him. Chance's verse leads seamlessly back into the Backstreet Boys' chorus, and they walk out of the smoke to join him.

The ad ends back in the hangar, where Chance the Rapper dances at the head of the Backstreet Boys wearing a broad grin. The whole thing ends on a shot of the new corn chips bag.

The original. Now it's hot," Chance says simply in voice over. The catchphrase is also the hashtag that Doritos seems to hope fans will rally behind.

The collaboration is one of the most hotly anticipated ads for this year's game. More footage has come out gradually over the last week, including behind the scenes clips and other sneak peeks. Whether or not this is the final cut remains to be seen on game day.

Either way, fans went wild for Wednesday's version as soon as it dropped. The commercial was shared all across social media, with fans sharing the unlikely collaboration in a state of nostalgic bliss.

"To be honest I don't need DORITOS flaming hot," one fan wrote. "Backstreet Boys are enough for me cause these guys are actually my fire."

"OMG. I could not stop Laughing," added another. "I like it. Best Doritos Commercial ever."


In addition, many are already raving about the new Doritos flavor, which hit store shelves earlier this month. The reviews are mixed, but those who love it seem to really love.

Super Bowl LIII airs on Sunday, Feb. 3 on CBS.