Canadian Rapper Dies After Music Video Airplane Wing Stunt Ends in Tragedy

A Canadian rapper tragically died after a stunt on a airplane wing went fatally wrong.According to [...]

A Canadian rapper tragically died after a stunt on a airplane wing went fatally wrong.

According to Stereogum, Jon James McMurray — who went by the stage name Jon James — was killed while walking on the plane wing as the small aircraft went into a downward spiral. His body was eventually located a field near Westwold, British Columbia.

McMurray's management team has released a statement regarding his death, relaying more details of what led to the tragic accident.

"He died filming for a project he had been working on for months," the statement read in part. "His final act included performing an airplane stunt that included rapping while walking on the wing."

"He had trained intensely for the stunt, however, as Jon got further out onto the wing of the plane, it caused the small Cessna to go into a downward spiral that the pilot couldn't correct. Jon held onto the wing until it was too late, and by the time he let go, he didn't have time to pull his chute. He impacted and died instantly," the statement added.

McMurray was not always a rapper, as the L.A.-based star was originally a professional skier, but suffered some injuries that drove him to have to change the trajectory of his career.

After becoming a rapper, the extreme sports enthusiast would often perform stunts in his music videos.

Many of McMurry's fans and peers have taken to social media to comment on his passing, with fellow extreme sports adventurer Rory Bushfield posting a lengthy tribute to his friend.

"The sun is not as bright today as it was yesterday when it was shinning on my homies last moments. Jon James Mcmurray, my very best, dearest and oldest friend passed yesterday evening in a skydive accident," he wrote. "He was living his ultimate dream, free and full. May he Rest In Peace. I'm gonna miss him so much."

"Thanks for all the lessons over the years fee. You where such a good man, you brought up everyone around you and I promise to try my best to live as free as you did," Bushfield added. "Take care of my girl Sarah up there homie. I love you. All my love to his family and people."

At this time, funeral arrangements for McMurry do not appear to have been announced.