Puppies, Turtles and a 1,000-Pound Pig Among Animals Rescued From California Wildfires

As wildfires tear across southern California, families are being uprooted and displaced in the blink of an eye.

While it's miraculous enough that people are escaping with their lives, emergency crews are also working to save pets and animals from the catastrophe. Most of them are household pets like dogs and cats, but a few of the critters found in the blaze are a bit surprising.

This 1,000 pound pig was transported all the way to San Diego to escape the flames. The San Diego Human Society has undertaken a huge effort to rescue pets and animals in the affected areas.

A few stables outside the fires' reach are welcoming temporary residents this weekend. Horses are ironically hard to transport in today's day and age, so hopefully all the equestrians in southern California took steps ahead of time.

The San Diego Sheriff's office shared these heartbreaking pictures of kittens they discovered in the aftermath of the fire.

Firefighters also saved an old sea turtle from Lilac Fire as well.

A small family farm burned down, but the residents rejoiced because their goat, pig, and chickens all made it through.


Of course, all the animal shelters in the area are packed with dogs and cats missing their homes right now. Authorities and shelters are asking for help identifying pets and getting them back to their rightful owners.