Burger King Brings Back Spicy Chicken Nuggets at Crazy Low Price

Burger King is spicing up the fast food wars with the return of one beloved menu item: Spicy Chicken Nuggets.

The popular fast food chain announced over the weekend that the King had demanded the return of the nuggets – made with all-white meat chicken coated in a spicy homestyle breading and deep-fried – at an all-new crazy low price of just $1.49 for a box of 10. If you break that down, it comes out roughly 15 cents per spicy chicken nugget.

"they're what you want. what you really, really want. spicy chicken nuggets are back," the fast food chain announced on Instagram.

(Photo: Instagram / @burgerking)

The fan-favorite menu item had first been introduced in October of 2017 and was marketed at the time as a

drag against fast-food competitor Wendy’s

, which had launched their own version of spicy chicken nuggets before ultimately pulling them from the menu in 2016.

"Hey Wendy (Yeah, if your name is Wendy we're talking to you)," the King's campaign began. "It sounds like you've been missing that spice in your life for long enough. So, we're bringing the spice."

"good thing OUR spicy nuggets are here starting 10/12 for $1.49" the chain added on Twitter in response to fans asking Wendy's when their spicy chicken nuggets would be returning.

To further the beef between the two chains, Burger King introduced the nuggets with a free 10-piece meal to anyone named Wendy in select cities across the nation.

In the months after the nuggets ultimately vanished from Burger King's menu, fans begged the King to bring them back, and upon the Sunday announcement that their voices had been heard, they couldn't help but contain their excitement.

"Y'all need to stop Playing with me Like That. These Better Than The Originals imo," one person wrote.

"Burger king is getting better and betterrrr," another wrote.

Among the praise was also fans begging the fast food chain to keep the Spicy Chicken Nuggets on the menu this time.

"Why dont you just keep them on the menu," one fans suggested.

"No way I've been waiting!!!!" another wrote. "Keep them on the there."


"Stop taking them off the menu please everyone loves them," another added.

Currently, the Spicy Chicken Nuggets are only slated to be on the menu for a limited time. The spicy meal comes with your choice of two dipping sauces. For those not wanting to taste the heat, Burger King is also offering its original chicken nuggets for the same price while the deal lasts.