Burger King Adds Super Bizarre Burgers to Menu

Burger King may be home to the mouth-watering Whopper, but some of the chain's latest additions to the menu are churning more than just a few stomachs. Earlier this month, the fast food restaurant chain sparked plenty of social media buzz and controversy when it introduced a new line of burgers dubbed The Pregnancy Whopper, a collection of nine burgers inspired by pregnancy cravings.

Each of the burgers in the limited-time collection began with a classic Whopper, the burger Burger King is best known for. However, while the classic toppings have fast food lovers ordering the Whopper in hordes, the toppings on the Pregnancy Whoppers likely have the exact opposite effect. One Whopper in the collection is topped with currywurst and a fried herring, another with a bratwurst and a nougat creme, and a third with ice cream and green olives. Another burger boasts fish sticks with apple sauce, with one even being topped with a raspberry torte and several layers of beef.

The burgers rolled out alongside a social media, digital, and outdoor campaign. An ad promoting the burger saw Burger King surveying pregnant women and determining that those buzzed about pregnancy cravings are not a myth. Approximately 58% of the respondents said they are familiar with pregnancy cravings, with 76% sharing that resistance to cravings is impossible. The survey also found that such cravings are most likely to occur in the second trimester and in the evening, though 7% of respondents said the cravings lasted even after giving birth.

"These cravings are as real as pregnant women's desire for special food combinations," Klaus Schmäing, marketing director at Burger King Germany, said in a statement, per Ad Week. "This brought us to the idea to turn the most popular pregnancy cravings into pregnancy Whopper sandwiches." 

Unfortunately for anyone brave enough to try the Pregnancy Whoppers, doing so is all but impossible. The range of nine unique burgers was available only at one Burger King location in Germany and only on May 8 in honor of Mother's Day. Burger King did not say if there were plans to eventually debut the burgers in more regions, though given the many confused and disgusted reactions to them, it seems unlikely.