Man Fatally Shoots Deli Clerk Because He Couldn't Buy Beer

Abdul Yafaee, an 80-year-old Brooklyn Deli Clerk, was shot to death on Tuesday when a gunman came into his deli seeking revenge.

The gunman, Mark Thomas, came into the deli around 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday afternoon and tried to shortchange a different clerk on a $2 bottle of Corona beer. The customer attempted to with $1.50, which led to an argument and the customer leaving empty handed.

Several hours later the same customer stormed back into the deli and fired off 11 shots, one of which hit Yafaee in the chest.

The tragic part was Yafaee wasn't even at the deli when the original argument happened.

“[Yafaee] was not involved in the dispute earlier,” a source told the New York Daily News on Thursday. “He wasn’t even there.”


The gunman was tracked down and taken into custody on Wednesday. He was charged with second-degree murder and weapon possession on Friday.

Photo: Twitter / @NYDailyNews