Bristol Palin's Stalker Arrested Near Family's Home After Bizarre Behavior

The man previously arrested for stalking one of Sarah Palin's daughters is back behind bars.

Peter Ferrero was arrested near the Palin home in Alaska after police responded to a call about a man exposing himself and urinating while walking through traffic, The Blast reports, citing court documents.

When police arrived to apprehend the man for violating his probation, Ferrero was not wearing a shirt of shoes and admitted to smoking crack cocaine.

As he was being taken into custody, the 26-year-old Florida native became violent and allegedly assaulted two officers, The Blast says. Court documents also reveal that he allegedly attempted to steal an officer's handgun twice and had to be tased while being locked into a cell.

Ferrero was previously arrested on felony stalking charges in 2014 after he showed up in Bristol Palin's driveway after climbing off a third-floor balcony, Alaska Dispatch News reports.

Bristol recognized Ferrero's name immediately because he sent her "approximately 1,100 Facebook messages," an affidavit shows.

The man was also obsessed with Bristol's younger sister, Willow, and had written Facebook posts claiming he was romantically involved with her.

After the incident, both Bristol and Willow Palin filed petitions for short-term stalking protective orders against Ferrero.


Willow recently filed for another protective order against the alleged stalker after she says she fears he may harm her or her sisters, The Blast reports. The order was set to be heard in court in August, but Willow didn't show up and the request was denied.

Photo credit: Instagram / @bsmp2