Bridesmaid Cut Hair Into a Pixie 'Do Just Before Wedding and the Bride Was Furious

A bride turned into a bridezilla after her bridesmaid unexpectedly chopped her long hair into a pixie cut just months before the wedding.

The harrowing ordeal, which nearly ended in a complete fallout of friendship, was detailed by the bridesmaid on Reddit, who was hoping to get a little advice on how to handle to tricky situation.

"My SIL (sister-in-law) is getting married in June. I am a bridesmaid. Huuuge wedding, they went all out…she hasn't been a bridezilla – very kind, but has been definitely picky and strict (she deserves to, its her wedding)," the woman began her post.

She went on to explain that although she had been growing her hair out for years, she "got tired of it" and ultimately decided to get it chopped, writing that "I went from hair down past my butt and had it cut into a short cut, like a pixie." She added that she opted to get so much cut off because "I donated to an organization called Wigs For Kids, they make wigs for free for children with cancer and alopecia. Overall, I donated 48 inches of hair. I absolutely love it…it's been such a confidence booster."

However, things turned sour after she shared a photo of her new 'do on Instagram.

"I later get a text from her saying I should have asked before I cut all that hair off as she doesn't think it'll match her extremely feminine designs/decorations, I'm in her wedding party and now will stand out from her and the other girls (they all have long hair too), and wishes I had waited just a month to cut it," she wrote.

"I literally didn't know how to respond," she continued. "I've never been in a wedding before and I've never been married, so is this normal? Should I have asked her before making such a dramatic physical appearance change?"

The bridesmaid's fellow Redditors has a few choice words regarding the situation.

"Bridesmaids don't sign away their right to be themselves, hair included," one person wrote, advising the woman to write the bride back with, "If you'd prefer the short-haired version of me not be in your wedding, that's cool. Just let me know ASAP. ' Do not apologize for anything!!"

Another stated that "it's your hair and you can do with it what you want."


In an update, the bridesmaid explained that the incident had been handled and that the slight rift in her friendship had been mended, writing that she and the bride got dinner and talked. Neither of us are upset, she just said she had a bad day (caterer canceled on her) so my hair was another unexpected surprise related to her wedding and she did overreact."

She added that the bride actually "loves" her new haircut.