Bride Has Allergic Reaction to Wedding Cake, Rushed to Hospital

A New Jersey couple had their big day cut short in September, when the bride discovered a new allergy on the dance floor. Victoria Tumolo was taken from her wedding to the hospital, where they told her that a dormant allergy to the milk and almonds in her cake could be triggered by exercise -- in this case, dancing.

Tumolo, who is herself a nurse, recognized her symptoms at once. She administered her father's EpiPen through her wedding dress, then asked her mother and new husband to help her take it off, so the hospital staff wouldn't cut through it when they got there. The newlyweds missed the rest of their reception, however, they've been given a chance for a do-over.

The wedding's caterer, Jim Auletto, decided to offer the Tumolos a second wedding reception free of charge. The other wedding staff rallied behind him -- the owner of the entertainment company and the photographer are coming back for free, and volunteers are taking care of Victoria's hair and make-up.

"This is driving me crazy, she didn't get to cut her cake," Auletto told local reporters. "It never happened before, so we had to do something.

The Tumolos say that about 150 of their original 250 guests will be able to come back for the second reception. The 25-year-old couple is taking the experience in stride.


"I'm thinking of cutting that cake and smashing it in her face," Dom Tumolo told reporters. "We've been trash talking like that for a while."

Needless to say, this time around, the cake will be nut and dairy-free.