Black Friday: Panic Hits California Target After Someone Shouts 'Shooter'

Hours ago, Black Friday kicked off around the nation, but not every thing has run smoothly, as panic hit one California Target after someone shouted that there was a "shooter." The incident took place in Fremount, California, as reported by The Sun, with accounts of the gun scare depicting pandemonium ensuing after an unidentified individual yelled "shooter" amidst the crowd. One other person who was present tweeted out that they had had to "sprint out with my mom out the emergency exit" while someone else warned others to "stay clear of the area," which ultimately turned out to be a prank or false alarm.

This was certainly not the only extreme Black Friday incident this year, as The Sun also reported that a fight broke out in front of a Forever 21 store in Pennsylvania.

A clip of the fight made its way online, but it is unknown if the fight was over shopping or something more personal.

Many social media users have since been commenting on the normally wild nature of Black Friday, with one person joking, "Public Service Announcement: If you are going out for Black Friday please be a decent human being and turn your camera horizontally when you’re recording fights."

"I lowkey want to go Black Friday shopping. Not to buy anything, but to get Auntie Anne's Pretzels and maybe watch some fights break out," someone else quipped.

"Out #Blackfriday shopping; I will never understand the rude mentality of some. Here I am mindin my own and a woman wanted to pick a fight with me because I was looking at a bedset and 'in her way.' Kinda wish she woulda tried somethin. She has no idea what she’d be in for," one other user tweeted.


Another user shared a video of an alleged fight between to women that took place at a large mall, and the clip revealed one of the women's wigs

At this time, it does not appear as if there were quite as many violent Black Friday incidents as have taken place in years past.