'Big Bang Theory' Star Johnny Galecki Goes off on Donald Trump: 'This Is Not a Monarchy'

Big Bang Theory star Johnny Galecki has some very choice words for President Donald Trump, based on his latest Instagram post. The actor's post, which featured a snap from Trump's photo-op in front of St. John's Church, took direct aim at the president's recent remarks about the protests going on around the country. In his lengthy Instagram post, Galecki wrote that Trump was an "unstable person" and that the country needs to mobilize to get rid of him in November, which is when the presidential election will take place.

Galecki began his post by sharing his frustrations with what the president had to say during his Monday evening address. At the time, Trump encouraged states across the country to break up protest demonstrations, which have been sparked by George Floyd's murder at the hands of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin. He claimed that he was an "ally of peaceful protesters," but that he would not tolerate the looting and rioting that has occurred during these protests (it should be noted that much of the rioting and looting has been performed by bad actors amid these peaceful demonstrations, which aren't just in honor of Floyd but are also helping bring to light that there is a grave problem concerning racial injustice in the country). He then said that if states do not take action to quell these demonstrations then he would send in the military, threatening to invoke the Insurrection Act. These statements did not sit well with Galecki, who wrote, "You do not know your job. OUR (not your) mighty and courageous soldiers, profoundly saluted and embraced by us civilians, will always be outnumbered by our population."

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"You can not 'dominate' us," Galecki continued. "You can only serve as the civil servant you were elected. We need understanding. And compassion. And trusted leadership. Not your irresponsible and thoughtless, extremely dangerous threats and your pathetic and impotent bullying." The actor went on to share that he originally hesitated to post this message, but his concerns regarding Trump's leadership ultimately led to him speaking out. He then stressed that those protesting this cause should take a peaceful stance and that they should report those who are inciting violence amid the demonstrations.

Galecki then turned his attention to the upcoming presidential election, telling his followers that it will be their chance to vote out Trump. He wrote that once that is done, the people of the United States can then "collectively have the complex and layered conversations needed, both on a national scale and one-on-one with a person of a different color skin than yours so that we can begin true understanding of one another and so that we can work towards this never happening again. I believe we are capable. I believe in the people of this country."