Apple Fans Are Sharing Their Christmas Disappointments After Asking for Air Pods as Gifts

Air Pods were a hot item on Christmas wish lists this year, but some Apple fans are sharing their holiday disappointments after asking for the popular accessory. The trouble seems to be that many iPhone/iPad and Mac users were hoping to score a pair of the wireless earbud headphones, but not everyone got them.

"I asked for AirPods for Christmas and my mom bought me SouljaPods," one Twitter user quipped.

Another shared a tweet that read: "Told every member of my family I want Airpods for Christmas but will I get them?" adding, "Update: did not get Airpods."

"Kids today be flexing about getting AirPods... Imma flex harder with my... Coffee maker," another person quipped.

"I asked for some AirPods..." someone else tweeted, sharing a photo of their actual gift, a pair of Sentry True Wireless earbuds.

One other user commented on someone's angry post about not getting Airpods by recalling, "This remind me when I said I wanted an Apple Watch & got a Fitbit."

Not everyone woke up on Christmas morning to an Airpod-less foreseeable future, as one Twitter user who got some joked: "I have AirPods now, the next step is somehow staying rich and staying humble."


"My sister was getting airpods for Christmas but my mom accidentally addressed the present to me so Merry Christmas to me!" Another quipped.

"My [boyfriend] got AirPods for Christmas and I asked how they stay in his ears and he starts whipping his head around like willow smith and goes 'They just stay in. If I were to go on a roller coaster right now I'm positive they'd stay in my ears.' Like, okay b— now you're doing [too] much," a final person said sarcastically.