Amazon Workers in Minnesota Walk out to Protest Unsafe Conditions After Co-Workers Test Positive for Coronavirus

More Amazon workers are continuing to protest against the company and their new policy amid the coronavirus pandemic. More than 50 employees in Shakopee, Minnesota walked away from their positions with the online retail giant to protest the elimination of unpaid time off, unsafe conditions and the company allegedly targeting certain types of people. A video of one of the rally's leaders, Hafsa Hasan, shot a video just under two minutes long expressing why workers are upset.

"Another reason why we out here tonight, is because Amazon is targeting specific people," she started the video. "We are being told to stay six feet apart, however, that rule does not apply to everyone. We've seen management do it, right in front of us, we've seen safety, that are suppose to keep us safe do it, yet we as associates are being targeted."

"And we have Bashir an associate that was fired because he wasn't following the social distancing rule, however, that rule only seemed to apply to specific people," she continued. "Another thing I want to mention and emphasize on, is that UPT, unlimited UPT will stop on May 1st, in this pandemic that does not seem to be getting any better in the country. How is it possible, in the month of Ramadan, where we all fasting, all working, coming in night in and night out, that you guys are telling us that our UTP, unlimited UPT will stop? When there's already two confirmed cases, two confirmed cases that you guys have probably hidden from us for how long? And the only reason you guys let it go public, is because you guys feel like you should to look good for scrutiny."

"So Amazon, I'm telling you, and each and every single one, as an associate is requesting that you guys from here on out that you make sure our safety is a priority, that you treat associates fairly, that you guys make sure the six feet policy rule makes sense and that it also applies to each and every single person, and that you guys extend this unlimited UPT. Because it's the month of Ramadan, everyone's fasting and we don't know how many more confirmed positive cases about to come," she concluded.


While Amazon is hiring thousands of employees, they're also firing a few following workers speaking out against the company. Bashir Mohamed, Emily Cunningham and Maren Costa have all been terminated after scrutinizing Amazon.

While the company feels their employees have a right to express their concern, a spokesperson for the company said they felt action needed to be taken after the three workers "violated" company policies. "We support every employee's right to criticize their employer's working conditions, but that does not come with blanket immunity against any and all internal policies," the spokesperson said according to Business Insider. "We terminated these employees for repeatedly violating internal policies."