Amazon Prime Day Zapped By Website Glitches

The dogs of Amazon were out in force Monday, and on the worst possible day for the online retail giant. Customers encountered problems on Prime Day, when thousands of products are on sale.

amazon prime day error

Prime Day 2018 was supposed to launch at 3 p.m. ET, but customers have reported running into Amazon's whimsical 500 error page, which includes a photo of a dog, under text reading, "Sorry something went wrong on our end." eventually came back up, but the error made it difficult for customers to find the Prime Day deals. If you clicked on the home page, the deals were not listed.

Despite the error, some customers said they appreciated looking at some adorable dogs while they waited for an opportunity to spend money.

According to Amazon's blog, the canines often come with their humans to work at their offices.

Amazon kicked off Prime Day in 2015, when the sale was met with a mixed response by customers who did not think many of the deals were that great. Since then though, the day has become a major Internet event, with some retailers even launching competing deals to attract attention. This year, Amazon expanded Prime Day to 36 hours, and ends at the end of the day Tuesday, notes The Hollywood Reporter.

After the 2017 Prime Day, Amazon said sales grew by more than 60 percent from the 2016 event. Last year's Prime Day lasted 30 hours and sales were available in 13 countries.

Prime Day sales also help Amazon attract more interest for its Amazon Prime membership, which now costs $119 a year and includes free two-day shipping and access to Prime Video streaming.

Here is a look at some of the funny responses to Amazon's technical errors.

"It looks like #PrimeDay has officially broken Amazon," writer Stacey Ritzen wrote.

"Oh I get it, the Amazon #PrimeDay deal is that you get to save 100% of your money," one Twitter user wrote.

"#PrimeDay Can I submit my own dog picture for the please try again screen?" added another.

"Let's go Amazon we have money to spend on crap we don't need #primeday," another would-be customer wrote.

"I've only found three 'uh oh something went wrong' dogs. Have I collected all of the #PrimeDay Pokémon?" another dog fan wrote.

"We're an hour into #PrimeDay and the I think that I've bought 6 dogs," another user wrote.


"It's hard to be angry at Amazon's disastrous start to #PrimeDay when they use such cute doggos to apologize," one customer added.

Photo credit: David McNew/Getty Images