'50 Shades of Maple Glen': Pennsylvania House With a 'Sexy' Secret Has Internet in a Tizzy

What looks like a typical home in Maple Glen, Pennsylvania is anything but the epitome of Suburbia. A new listing for a $750,000 house on the outskirts of Philadelphia is starting to gain notoriety as "Fifty Shades of Maple Glen."

(Photo: Redfin Corporation)

At first glance, the Maple Glen, Pennsylvania home appears to be every family's dream: over 5,000 square feet, five bedrooms, 2.5 baths and renovated throughout — but the listing advertises it as a "one of a kind suburban home with a sexy twist."

What, exactly, is that sexy twist, you may ask? Nothing less than a completely finished "private adult sexual oasis" perfect for a scene straight out of E.L. James' famous trilogy-turned-billion-dollar-movie-franchise.

After taking a tour of the beautiful lawn, enormous kitchen, bear rug-fitted living room and fireplace-laden Billiards room, potential buyers will find the most jaw-dropping part of the house in the fully finished walk-out basement.

Photos of said basement show several S&M style devices, all fitted with different types of whips, chains and anything else one may need for an erotic night a la Christian Grey. A large, intimidating-looking bed sits toward the back of the lair, but it's clear that the star of the outfit is the towering sex swing contraption at the bottom of the basement stairs. Whips and chains hang from wooden posts on the wall to ensure a variety of fun for anyone involved.

(Photo: Redfin Corporation)

The listing from the Redfin Corporation knows it's sitting on a prize egg: The "home currently is being offered as an Air B & B rental @maisonxs that gets $750 a night on weekdays & $2000 a night on the weekends for private parties or entertainment," the listing reads.

Although the Airbnb listing (complete with broodier, mood-lit photos) has no reviews (yet), it is undoubtedly the most popular one in suburban Pennsylvania with over 500 viewings in the past week.

(Photo: Redfin Corporation)

"Welcome to MXS," the Airbnb listing states. "A privately secluded 3-level, 4000 sq.ft exquisite showpiece located 15 miles outside of Philadelphia. Provides a cozy and warm experience, or something a little more exciting, MXS is designed to appeal to your own personal mood."

What's more is that guests who book the adult playhouse will also enjoy butler and concierge service from the host.

Social media is aflutter with reactions to the unique house.

"Wait for the last few photos. It is WORTH it. No really, if It doesn't make you laugh you can absolutely punish me," one Twitter user quipped alongside a link to the listing.

"Do you think this house comes...furnished?" another wrote.

"I wasn't completely sold on this house until I got to photo 31," someone else chimed in.

"Looking to sell your house but don't have time to remove the BDSM gear from your dungeon? No problem! Just make sure it's tastefully staged in your real estate listing," another joked.


If you're in the market for an S&M-themed home in the Greater Philadelphia area (or a sexy Valentine's Day rental), here's some good news: The entire home is being sold fully furnished. But if not, realtor Melissa Leonard wants you to know that you can easily convert the basement back into a typical fifth guest bedroom.

Photo credit: Redfin