2 Dead, 8 Injured in South Carolina Nightclub Shooting

Tragedy struck a nightclub in South Carolina on early Sunday morning. According to the Daily Mail, a shooting occurred at Lavish Lounge in Greenville, South Carolina that left two dead and eight others injured. Authorities are currently searching for two suspects in connection with the shooting. They have not released physical descriptions of the subjects as of Sunday morning. Although, Sheriff Hobart Lewis said that authorities were searching for two individuals who are said to be "known gang members."

The Daily Mail reported that two Greenville County sheriff's deputies noticed a disturbance at Lavish Lounge shortly before 2 a.m. on Sunday morning. They then saw a large crowd run out of the building and heard gunshots, which prompted them to call for emergency back-up from the Greenville State Police Department and State Highway Patrol. Lewis told Greenville News that he believed that the incident was "probably gang-related." Lewis also said about the situation, "Anytime you see this amount of violence, it's not typical at all. I mean, we're talking about 10 people shot in one place, within minutes. There's nothing typical about this at all."

Lewis went on to describe the scene inside of Lavish Lounge. "There's a lot of shell casings inside," he said. "Everything is turned over, there are a few chairs in there, food on the floor, some bottles busted. You can tell somebody left in a hurry. There are some pretty large amounts of blood." Investigators and forensic units were still cataloging the scene nearly seven hours after the violence broke out, according to Lewis. Authorities did not release the names or the conditions of the victims. Lewis did share that the victims were taken to the Prisma Health Hospital in Greenville, with some of those individuals being transported to the hospital via private vehicle.


At the time of the incident, there was reportedly a "very, very large crowd" of about 200 people who were in the Lavish Lounge. During their investigation following the violence that occurred in the location, authorities discovered that Lavish Lounge was in violation of current emergency orders, which limit the number of patrons inside of a business amidst the coronavirus pandemic. As a result of their findings, the sheriff's department is working with the State Law Enforcement Division in regards to potential liquor law violations. Lewis explained, "We're looking at getting their licenses revoked, alcohol license and business license."