'Bachelorette' Star Bares Postpartum Body in Mesh Underwear and We Can All Relate

Canadian TV personality, interior designer, and former "Bachelorette" star Jillian Harris gave birth to her son, Leo, three weeks early on August 5, and recently recounted the birth story on her blog.

With the emotional account of her son's birth came a family photo, Harris keeping it real in her postpartum mesh underwear.

jillian harris postpartum mesh underwear photo
(Photo: Photo via Jillian Harris)

Harris said her birth story "was nothing like we expected, but now looking back it is everything that we wanted it to be."

"The epidural made me feel AMAZINGGGG but, that’s when things got a little crazy," wrote Harris, who explained that Leo's umbilical cord was "wrapped around our little babe twice." During her contractions, the baby's heart rate was "plummeting."

Harris prepared for a C-section, but "just as they were going to take me into the OR, they checked my cervix and I was 10 CENTIMETRES!" she wrote.

After an hour of pushing, baby Leo arrived. Read the entire story on her blog!


Her thoughts on motherhood? Harris says she's "been humbled big time" and yet, her heart "has never been SO complete."

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