Cop Accuses McDonald's Employee of Taking a Bite out His Sandwich, Before Remembering He Did It Himself

An Indianapolis sheriff's deputy is learning the meaning of extreme facepalming after he accused McDonald's staffers of taking a bite out of his sandwich, only to realize he "forgot" he took the bite himself. The allegation even resulted in McDonald's and the Marion County Sheriff's Office launching an investigation, which determined that the officer took the bite himself.

Back on July 15, NBC affiliate WTHR reported that a McDonald's customer, only identified as a local law enforcement officer named "DJ" found someone took a bite out of his McChicken sandwich after he sat down to eat it at his workplace.

"I started to warm up my McChicken and I noticed several small bites. I know I didn't eat it. No one else was around. I said, 'You know what? I am going to the McDonald's to see if they can get that taken care of," DJ told WTHR. "I went ot the McDonald's and talked to the supervisor. She offered me some free food I didn't care anything about. I just wanted to find out who the person was and they deal with that person in an appropriate way."

The restaurant, located on West Morris Street and Holt Road, were made aware of the complaint and checked the schedules to see who was working at that time. A McDonald's representative even told WTHR it was an "isolated incident" but still planned to investigate.

More than a week later, on July 26, WTHR updated its report following an investigation. The Marion County Sheriff's Office released a statement, confirming that he "forgot" he took a bite of his sandwich before he got to his place of work at Marion County Jail. He jumped to the conclusion that a McDonald's employee tampered with his sandwich "because he is a law enforcement officer."

"Our partners at McDonald’s have been helpful and have assisted in the MCSO investigation into what transpired with our employee," the statement continued. "The investigation has determined that

McDonald’s restaurant staff in no way tampered with the employee’s food. He has since formally apologized to McDonald’s. We recognize that McDonald’s is a valued civic partner, and any insinuation in private or in the media to the contrary is unfounded.”


The story went viral, inspiring plenty of hilarious tweets about the incident. Many pointed out how bizarre it was that the officer put the sandwich in a refrigerator before going back to finish it.

Photo credit: JOERG KOCH/AFP/Getty Images