Angry Bagel Boss Guy Says He Doesn't Trust Women, and Twitter Lights Him Up

Twitter is still tearing down Chris Morgan, a.k.a. the "Angry Bagel Guy," who starred in a viral video last week. Morgan was caught on camera berating customers and employees at a deli in an angry, misogynistic rant, and he is doubling down as his 15 minutes of fame continues.

Morgan was picking up his morning bagels when he began to feel that the women behind the counter were "giggling" at him, he told the New York Post. In videos uploaded by other patrons of Bagel Boss in Long Island, he can be seen screaming about how women, in general, demean him over his height.

Morgan also challenged two different men to "take this outside" in the video, implying that they would fight. One of them took him up on it, tackling him and providing some semblance of street justice for his outburst.

Still, social media wasted no time in digging in on Morgan for his misogynistic statements. Morgan was mocked, condemned and turned into hilarious memes all in turn, as users weighed in on his tantrum.

"The Bagel Boss guy would be funnier to me if men like him didn’t go out and murder women for rejecting them on a pretty regular basis," one person wrote.

"Bagel shop guy’s misogyny being excused as mental illness as if women don’t experience the exact same kind of vitriol directed toward them on the street/on dating apps/in the workplace every damn day," added another.

Before long, Morgan's online profiles were found and circulated too, including a YouTube channel where he posts videos of himself "messing" with people and having similar altercations with cashiers, neighbors and even law enforcement.

"Boss bagel guy has a youtube channel where he goes to be extremely racist, antisemitic, misogynist and stupid as all get out in public with his real actual name attached. somebody ruin this mans life," one person tweeted.

Following his viral video debut, Morgan has been tracked down by various news outlets and even interviewed on the news.


According to The New York Post, Morgan is living in his minivan, which a local deli generously allows him to keep parked in their lot. He is known in the community as an abrasive presence with a short fuse.

Morgan told the outlet that he has filed a police report against the man who tackled him in the viral video, and he intends to press charges. That man's identity is not widely known.


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